Our Tour Are you looking to experience something out of the ordinary in the middle of pure paradise?

Do you want to enjoy the real tropical forests without all the noise & people? Then the floating tour is something for you! Take a peaceful yet exciting ride down the jungle river to Rio Claro beach, exploring the rainforest and all its beauty.

The Floating Tour is a guided tour that takes you deep into the primary rain forest.

This tours starts from drake bay where we will take a 20 minute taxi ride up to the forest where we will begin a 2 hour hike (tough hike), we will stop along the way to have some snacks or fruits and keep walking until we get to a relaxing waterfall where we will spend about 30 minutes.

After that we will start floating down rio claro for about an hour and 30 minutes, The float itself is a great way to sit back, take in some beautiful vegetation, and possibly some animals! sometimes you are able to see several tiny squirrels, monkeys romping around in the tree tops and crossing from one side of the river to the other directly above our heads!

When we reach Rio Claro beach we will offer a packed lunch and let you rest for a while. A man by the name of Clavito, who has lived on the beach for over 30 years has jewelry and souvenirs for purchase, so take home a memory for life! After resting for a little we will take you on a short walk to (San Josecito/Punta Marenco) where a motor boat will pick us up and bring us back to Drake Bay.

What to bring


  • Tennis shoes (they will get wet)
  • A bottle of water
  • Light clothing that can get wet
  • If you bring a camera make sure its water proof, and also remember everything you bring might get wet.


Tour pictures

So are you ready to take on the fun?

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